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Delight the Senses with Gift Candles from Clover Gift Shop

Gift candles are a stellar way to transport a loved one to a place they love. Nothing can transport people to a distant place or memory like the right scent. That’s because the sense of smell is closely tied to memory. From the smell of the New England woods to the delicious fruit and spice combinations of the holidays, our candle gift sets from top candle makers will delight family, friends and colleagues alike.

What should you look for in good candles for gifts?

Nice gift candles should aim to please the recipient of the gift, both in scent AND in aesthetic. Good candles for gifts could be presented in a candle gift basket or candle gift box. But remember the gift candles won’t stay in the box or basket for long. They’re going to end up on a table or a shelf, and they need to look great there, too.

A range of great candle gifts perfect as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any holiday present

At Clover Gift Shop, we offer a wide range of great candle gifts. Many of our candles come in understated glass jars or vases that will look fantastic in just about any setting. A few of our offerings come in more interesting designs, like a metal tumbler or parfait glass, to name a few.

The way your candles smell is obviously the most important factor!

Scent is even more important than appearance. If you have bad memories of heavy, artificial candle scents from big national retailers, we get it! No one wants to be punched in the face with aggressive, fake smells. That’s why at Clover Gift Shop we offer only high-quality candles featuring natural scents that come through at just the right intensity.

Candle gift basket ideas to get you started

Not sure what to pair with a candle to form the perfect candle gift set? That’s OK! Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Candle floral arrangement: A quality gift candle can be a great centerpiece to a seasonal floral or greenery arrangement. Or choose impressive artificial foliage and turn the gift candle into a long-lasting statement piece!

Seasonal candle gift basket: Fill up a small basket with seasonal edible treats, décor, or even some novel CBD products.

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