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Delicious Edible CBD for Daily Enjoyment

At clover, you will find a wide range of CBD edibles that make incredible gifts. Our CBD-infused foods are delicious and easy ways to deliver CBD to your body. Try CBD chocolate, broad spectrum CBD mints, CBD-infused honey and much more!

Why CBD edibles?

Convenience & experience! CBD edibles are more than just delicious. Our CBD gummies, fruit slices and confections are infused with a number of flavors to delight the senses while delivering calming CBD to your body. Enjoy the health benefits of calming and relaxing CBD oil while snacking on your favorite candies and goods rather than taking a few drops of an oil or smoking/vaping.

Are CBD edibles effective?

Yes! They work similarly to CBD oil, but they typically take a bit longer to kick in. This also means that the effects tend to last longer. CBD edibles make a great option for those who are new to hemp or CBD and want something that may not have that hemp flavor but still has the amazing benefits.

CBD treats for celebrating Easter, Summer Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more!

Most holidays are filled with delicious treats and gifts! Whether you are looking for a unique holiday gift idea or want to provide a delicious & relaxing snack tray, CBD edibles can be a great choice! At Clover Gift Shop we only offer the highest quality CBD edibles with the best blends of flavor.

Will CBD edibles get me high?

No, they will not. The parts of the hemp plant that will make you high are either not present or present in very low quantities (full spectrum CBD oil will have less than 0.3% THC). These edible products will not get you high, but they will still deliver the benefits of the hemp plant.

Tips for Gifting CBD Edibles

CBD-infused snacks and treats make great gifts. You can create a whole basket of CBD goodies, including topicals and edibles of all kinds.

All-Grown Up Basket: Try out our MILKWEED confections paired with one of our calming Woods or Lakes candles for a comfortable night in.

Fun for the Ages Basket: Or, go for a fun twist with CBD-infused peach gummy rings and the Tired Old Ass mineral bath soak for a gift they won’t soon forget!

Just Wanna Sleep Basket: Pair Little Moon Sleep Comes Easy with Harney & Sons CALM Tumeric Ginger CBD Tea for a gift of a good nights sleep.