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Evoke the Calming and Healing Properties of CBD Topicals

Looking for the ideal gift or splurge? CBD topicals offer incredibly soothing properties. From CBD lotion to CBD-infused balms, there are so many great products to consider that contain this calming and completely natural ingredient. Buy a topical hemp product for a loved one or friend as a pampering gift or indulge in the relaxing luxuriousness yourself. At Clover, we offer everything from practical hemp-infused Muscle Rub to soothing CBD Orange Lavender Salve to help with your aches and dry skin.

What makes a good CBD topical?

For the best topical CBD products, we use the highest quality hemp extracts available and we only stock other CBD brands that we know and trust. CBD oils can be used with a simple carrier oil or combined with other ingredients to maximize results. Using healing medicinal herbs in powerful combinations, we carry topicals that have natural healing properties while offering relaxation and relief. Many of our CBD topicals include shea butter and coconut oil to moisturize and protect the skin.

Use CBD topicals for soothing relief

Soothing ingredients can help ease tight muscles and reduce discomfort. Researchers are confident that CBD may help reduce inflammation.

Will a CBD topical make me high?

No. If you are wondering how CBD topicals work, you might be asking if they will make you high. The simple answer is no. With less than .3% THC in our CBD products, there is not a high enough concentration to feel the psychoactive effects.

CBD wellness and pampering ideas

Looking for ideas for how to gift or use your CBD topicals? Here are some great ways to spend a day off or give the perfect gift. Self-care is so important and CBD topicals are good for the mind, body and soul.

Day spa get together: Have a girls day with your closest friends and relax with incredible products. Paired with a few candles or an essential oil diffuser, CBD-infused balms can make an incredible bachelor party, baby shower or “just because” womens’ event.

Self-pampering wellness basket: Put together the ultimate self-care gift with select CBD lotion, edible treats and luxurious bubble bath. If you want to go all out, include a nice bottle of champagne and box of gourmet chocolates. (check out our CBD edibles)

Evening in: Gifts for him or her can be centered around a soothing night of relaxation. Include a bottle of wine or classy liquor with your topical CBD gift. Choose a highly rated book for a mental break from everything else.