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Sustainability-focused & Eco-Concious Eco Friendly Gifts Are at the Core of Our Business

Folks in our area are very eco-conscious, which leads to an interest in sustainable products & business practices. The state of Vermont has long been synonymous with abundant natural beauty, picturesque towns & cities, fresh clean air, emerald green forests and quality products crafted from local resources. The Green Mountain State also stands for a firm commitment to the environment. As residents of Vermont, we take great pride in taking an earth-friendly approach to commerce.

Sustainable products are also about supporting local community & small businesses

We are honored to carry on Vermont traditions by offering unique, locally sourced, sustainable products from the best of our artisans and craftspeople. Not only do our customers enjoy a variety of top quality goods with a distinct Vermont flair, but they also help support our economy at the neighborhood level. Not all of our products are Made in Vermont, however. For example, check out these eco-friendly Swedish Dish Cloths made in CT.

A diverse array of products for sustainability lovers

Finding the right gift for that sustainably-minded someone on your holiday list doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re available in real-time as well as via our online shop, letting you customize your shopping experience to meet your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re gifting your next-door neighbors or sending some local VT goodness to a friend or relative on the other side of the globe, our diverse array of gifts for sustainability lovers is sure to hit the sweet spots on your list.

What is sustainability?

So you’ve heard of being eco-friendly & environmentally conscious but being “sustainable” doesn’t necessarily ring a bell. Well, at its core, sustainability is all about the persistence of quality & maintenance. It’s about taking steps to avoid depleting your resources. Things like recycling, composting, eating & shopping local are all considered sustainable because they help us use less.

When you buy locally you cut down on the use of fossil fuels and other shipping resources. When you recycle you take an item that would needlessly rot in a landfill and give it a new purpose. All of these things are at the core of sustainability and being environmentally friendly or “eco-conscious”.