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Handmade mugs have been around as long as humans have been drinking their favorite concoctions. Made from wood and stone, those early mugs did a fair job of holding liquids, but they weren’t much to look at. Throughout the years, people made mugs to fit nearly every purpose, from the standard coffee mug to a personalized craft mug and everything in between. Today’s mugs combine form and function for mugs that are as much fun to look at as they are handy to use. Learn more.

The popularity of mugs continues to grow, and now there more types of mugs to choose from than ever before. Ceramic and earthenware mugs are perfect for keeping your coffee steaming hot at the breakfast table and helping your tea stay warm at the office. Made from enamel-on-metal for sturdiness, enamel camp mugs can keep your cocoa hot as you gather around the campfire with your favorite people. Some mugs are fine for the microwave and dishwashers, while others require a bit more care.

Mugs In All Shapes and Sizes

Mugs come in different shapes and sizes too. Some say that the shape of a mug affects the flavor of its contents – we’re no experts, but we say that the shape of a mug should reflect your personal style and needs. You may prefer a short round mug that fits comfortably in your hand, for example, or you may choose a tall tapered mug that stands like a skyscraper full of liquid delight. Big mugs might make you feel more powerful, while tiny mugs might evoke an air of refinement and daintiness.

While mugs have come a long way in the past few thousand years, one of the best advancements in drinkware technology has been in how we decorate them; cavemen may have decorated their cups like they did their cave walls – hey, we don’t know! But we do know that you can now get a mug to put a smile on almost anyone’s face.

Mugs from Clover Gift Shop

Clover Gift Shop offers a line of mugs that are sure to make you and the people you love smile. Some of our mugs feature designs specific to Vermont, while others offer more universal themes. Whether you are from Vermont, visiting this great state, or just have great taste in mugs, Clover has a mug for you.