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Our “C Bee D Salve” is a natural Vermont beeswax CBD salve, containing 200mg CBD in total. Made locally right here in Vermont with organic coconut oil, natural beeswax, and essential oils.  The Beeswax is sourced from an Apiary right down the road from Woodstock Vermont.

To create this topical CBD product, we’ve taken one of our favorite products (Tita’s Best Bee Savvy) and infused it with 200 milligrams of Vermont-grown, full-spectrum CBD – contained in a 1.8 oz jar. This CBD coconut oil topical with beeswax is ideal for distressed & dry skin, minor burns, cuts, abrasions, and eczema.

*Contains less than 0.3% THC in accordance with the Federal Farm Bill of 2014.


What Makes Our CBD Salve Different?

The salve penetrates quickly, conditioning the skin without leaving a greasy residue that can sometimes comes from other CBD coconut oil products. Instead, you are left with a silky soft protective shield. C Bee D salve is conveniently packaged in a 1.8 ounce jar, for ease of use while traveling. Keep it in your bag or coat pocket for access to a fast-working beeswax CBD on the go.

What Are The Benefits of Using CBD with Beeswax?

Combining CBD oil with beeswax results in a product that has natural anti-bacterial AND anti-fungal properties to help protect the skin from external damage. Topical skin care products that contain both CBD oil and coconut oil are especially great for winter when the harsh cold climate ravages delicate skin but can be used any time of year.

Our CBD Salve Is Great For Pets

Don’t leave out your furry friends! C Bee D salve is also a great CBD oil for pets. The salve’s texture is ideal for furry paws. The oils and beeswax combined make for a super moisturizer that will protect against damage on wintertime icy walks. The organic beeswax in our CBD salve for pets continues to work long after initial application as it softens and coats the foot pads over time.

*Contains less than 0.3% THC in accordance with the Federal Farm Bill of 2014.

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