Stress Adapt Herbal Tea | 2oz – Foster Farm Botanicals


This is an Ayurveda inspired blend. Indulge in the grounding energy of ashwagandha blended with the fragrant lift of spearmint and tulsi, and the sweet nutty accent of oat seed. Sip on this tea to encourage balance, longevity, and stamina in stressful times.

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Ingredients: tulsi kapoor, ashwagandha root, spearmint leaf, milky oat tops, calendula blossom.

Directions: Steep for 7-10 min, enjoy and be well…

* 2 oz makes approx. 28 cups of tea (1 Tbsp tea per 1 cup water)

* Grown, dried, cut and sifted, and hand-blended on our farm

* Certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) * Includes compostable to-go teabags