Valerian Dried Herbals | 4oz – Foster Farm Botanicals


Botanical Name: Valeriana officinalis

During the Middle Ages, valerian roots were laid among clothing to improve aroma and were believed to intoxicate felines, having an effect similar to catnip. The root is traditionally known to support sleep normality, ease pain and calm anxious thoughts and feelings.


They grow valerian as an annual root crop. They get the transplants into the field first thing in the Spring and then harvest the root in the late Fall. Valerian prefers a lot of moisture throughout the growing season.

The root is used medicinally and there are opposing viewpoints regarding the herb’s effects on the body. Many people find the herb warming and calming to the mind and body, even sleep-inducing, while others believe it’s actually a cerebral stimulant. Regardless, in both Europe and North America, the herb is marketed as a sleep aid.