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$49.00 or $39.20 / month

After many requests, we have finally made these available for online purchasing!

Our top selling CBD edible.  25 MG Isolate CBD per ring, 25 pieces per package, 625 mg total.

Packaging of these will vary based on what is available. ❤️

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Try Our Peach Flavored CBD Gummy Rings with 25mg CBD Each

25 individual CBD gummy rings per jar! Each gummy ring in this jar is infused with 25mg of CBD, delivered in the form of a CBD isolate powder. With 25 CBD peach rings per jar, that means you get 625mg of CBD total per jar. Our CBD infused peach gummy rings are a great option to start with if you’ve never tried CBD before, and with 625mg total, you’ll be enjoying these gummy rings for weeks to come.

CBD peach rings from Clover Apothecary are online by popular demand!

We’ve been getting a ton of requests in store to sell our peach rings online. Especially nowadays with COVID-19, we want to make online ordering as accessible as possible. So here they are! Officially available for sale online, our peach flavored CBD gummy rings taste great!

Hemp-infused gummy rings add joy to your daily CBD regimen

When you bite into a CBD peach ring, you’ll find a fresh fruit flavor and unique soft chew reminiscent of the traditional sweet candy. They contain no hemp or hemp oil flavor whatsoever due to our use of flavorless CBD isolate powder, so all you get is a wonderfully sweet and satisfying flavor. A tasty treat for any age group over 18! Our gummy fruit rings are very similar to the original popular candy on the market, the only difference being that added hemp-infused goodness!

25mg hemp gummies will give you that mid-day balance you’re after

Sure, these gummies are great for fans of classic sweets, but they’re not just flavorful peach gummy rings. One ring just so happens to deliver the perfect daily dose of CBD. At 25mg, it’s not an overpowering amount where you’ll feel like you need a nap. And it’s more than the average 5mg piece of candy that you will typically see.

We formulated these 25mg CBD gummies specifically to give you that perfect dose of CBD when you need it. The convenient jar makes them that much easier to enjoy.

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