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Upstate Elevator Hemp Chewy Calm Bites for Dogs are your go-to option for CBD dog treats. A great solution to help reduce anxiety and stress in your pup while helping them maintain calmness. Also present in these chewy CBD treats is L-Theanine – an amino acid found in green tea which promotes relaxation without drowsiness. Other ingredients include hemp seed oil, hemp meal, and full spectrum CBD hemp extract for optimal therapeutic value.



What Are CBD Dog Treats & Are They Safe?

Hemp Chewy Calm Bites from Upstate Elevator Supply Co. are tasty, chewy treats for your pet dog. Made with the same full-spectrum hemp extract used in Upstate’s CBD oil and CBD gummies for humans, these hemp dog biscuits have been formulated specifically for your hyper K9. With a minimalistic set of ingredients, these hemp treats are safe for dogs, but it’s always a good idea to talk to your vet before adding CBD to your pup’s daily routine.

What Do CBD & Hemp Treats Do For Dogs?

There are lots of benefits to adding CBD to your dog’s diet. Lots of dogs have anxiety in specific situations like when their owners leave for extended periods of time, when they have to fly on a plane, or if they are in a loud environment that they aren’t used to. Just like in humans, CBD can help dogs with joint pain & arthritis, stress & anxiety, as well as inflammation. Contact Clover Gift Shop with Questions!

Serving Size: 2.5mg CBD per chew, 75mg CBD per bottle

Active Ingredients: 250mg Proprietary Hemp Blend (hemp meal, hemp seed oil, hemp extract), 20mg L-Theanine, 10mg L-Trytophan

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